Roger's Visit

Roger loved visiting Nanny and Grandad in the countryside. Whenever he went Nanny always made a delicious cherry pie for him.

One morning Roger decided to phone Nanny. "Nanny, can I come and visit you today?" he asked

"Of course." replied Nanny. "I'll make a cherry pie for you".

cherry pie

To get to Nanny's Roger had to go down the road, across the field, down the lane, over the bridge and through the woods.

He set off on his journey and made his way down the road, across the field and down the lane. When he got to the end of the lane he was surprised to hear a voice calling his name. It was Grandad.

They said hello and Grandad asked where Roger was going.

"I'm going to visit you and Nanny." said Roger.

Grandad explained that the bridge was closed that day for repairs and that Roger should take the long way round.

"I don't know the long way." said Roger.

"Don't worry", said Grandad, "I'm going home. You can come with me."

Together they followed long winding roads. They turned left and right, and right and left. All the time they chatted about Roger's school, his friends, his interests and his hopes.

Eventually they arrived at the far side of the woods. They could see Nanny and Grandad's house in the distance.

"You go on, Roger." said Grandad, "I have to buy some beer in the beer shop. I'll see you soon."

Roger carried on to Nanny's house and knocked on the door. He could smell the cherry pie baking as she opened it.

"Roger! Oh I'm so pleased to see you" said Nanny. "I was just watching TV. The bridge collapsed this morning and lots of people fell into the sea. I was so worried about you."

"It's OK." said Roger. "I met Grandad on the way. He told me the bridge was closed for repairs and we took the long way round together."

"Don't be silly." said Nanny. "Grandad's away on business in Europe. You couldn't have met him."

"I did meet him." insisted Roger. "He'll be back in a minute. He's just gone to buy beer in the beer shop."

Nanny looked confused. "Roger, that beer shop closed two years ago. Grandad has to take the car into town to buy beer now."

She took Roger into the house, lifted the phone and dialed Grandad's hotel number in Europe. Grandad answered and spoke to Roger.

Roger shuddered. Who had told him about the bridge and accompanied him on the long way round?

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