Roger at the seaside

Roger was a lucky boy. His school was very near the sea.

One warm summer's day Roger's teacher announced the class was going to the beach for the morning. All the children lined up in two's, holding hands, and off they went to the beach.

First of all they made sandcastles and paddled and looked for shells. Then teacher asked them to gather around for snack time. They all drank juice and ate cookies and cake.

Then teacher told everyone to go and wash their hands and feet. It was song time. Teacher took out her guitar and sang "we're all going to the beach tomorrow", "the wheels on the bus", and "one little finger, tap tap tap." All the children joined in.

Finally, just before they left, came story time. Teacher told one of Roger's favourites.

" One day Usachan the little rabbit went to the seaside with his mother. They had a lovely day playing on the beach. But just as they were about to leave Usachan got lost in the crowd of people" He jumped up and down and shouted when he saw mother's car driving away but she couldn't see or hear him.

Usachan didn't know what to do, but just the he saw a policeman passing by. He told the policeman he was lost.

"Where do you live?" asked the policeman.

"Pepford." replied Usachan.

"Hmmmm," said the policeman as he thought about the problem, "you need to go to the station and get on a train to Romley, then you can get a bus to Pepford."

"Thank you." said Usachan as he set off for the station waving goodbye to the policeman.

Usachan caught the train to Romley and enjoyed the journey excitedly as the train whizzed through tunnels and over bridges. Soon they arrived at Romley. Usachan got off and crossed the street to the bus stop. There was a bus waiting.

"Excuse me. Do you go to Pepford?" Usachan asked the driver.

"No." replied the driver, "You need the number 74 from the next stop."

Usachan waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually the number 74 arrived and it took him safely back to Pepford. As he got off the bus he saw his neighbour Mrs Brown.

"Hello Usachan." said Mrs Brown. "What are you doing here?"

Usachan told Mrs Brown all about his adventure at the seaside and on the train and bus.

"Well," said Mrs Brown, "I just have to buy a few things in the supermarket and then I'll walk you home."

"Thank you Mrs Brown." said Usachan.

When Usachan arrived home his mother hugged him.

"I've been so worried." she said. "I thought you were in the car with me, but when I got half way home I realised you weren't there. I was just about to call the police. I've got your favourite lettuce and carrots for tea."

After the story all the children walked back to school to find their mummies waiting for them. That night Roger slept very well.

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