Mr Smith and the UFO

One day Mr Smith had to work late at his office. He called his wife and told her not to wake up. He finally finished around 11:30 and got into his car to begin the long drive home. He was feeling tired and it was a dark night. He opened his window and put the radio on to help him stay awake as his car threaded its way along the winding country lanes.

Mr Smith had been driving for about a quarter of an hour when the radio started to crackle and the signal became weaker. Then it stopped working altogether. "Oh blast!" thought Mr Smith as he pushed the button to play his cassette. But even the cassette player wasn't working.

He carried on driving, feeling a little angry. Then, all of a sudden his car engine stopped. "I don't believe it!" thought Mr Smith. It was nearly midnight and he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. He reached in his pocket to check if he had the number of his breakdown service.

Just as he was doing so he was transfixed by a bright light in the sky that was getting closer and closer. Mr Smith watched with a mix of horror and fascination as a spaceship hovered in the road just in front of his car. It was just like he'd seen in the movies. An upturned saucer with a dome in the middle. Only this wasn't a movie.

He doesn't know how he got there but the next thing he remembered was lying on a table in a large, white circular room. He was surrounded by strange looking creatures, men, but not men. They were tall and thin with long, narrow faces. They didn't seem to be wearing any clothes. There were red ones, blue ones, purple ones and pink ones. Then a door opened in the wall facing him. An older looking silver creature entered.

He said nothing, but Mr Smith could somehow understand his words.

"Don't be afraid. We mean you know harm. We are here only to learn."

At that point a light from above shone over Mr Smith's body. It started at his feet and moved slowly upwards until it reached the top of his head. Mr Smith fell in and out of consciousness.

Then a mechanical probe came towards him. Again the older creature seemed to say, "Don't be afraid." The probe touched his arm and he felt a warm sensation.

Next thing he knew Mr Smith was back in his car. He looked around. Everything was quiet, but it was just beginning to become light. He looked at the car clock. It was five past four. That was some dream.

He tried the ignition key. The car started first time. Even his Jim Reeves cassette started playing.

He drove home as fast as he could. When he got in his wife was drinking coffee in the kitchen.

"Where HAVE you been?" she asked, "I've been so worried."

Mr Smith told his wife about his car breaking down and his strange dream.

"Oh, you poor dear." she said, "You'd better take a shower and get to bed. You can't go to work tomorrow."

Mr Smith took her advice. As he was undressing in the bathroom he noticed a large red mark on his arm right where the probe in his dream had touched him.

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