Mr Green's football match

One Friday evening Mr Green had to work late at this office. He finished his work around 11:30 and ran as fast as he could to the station to catch the last train home.

Luckily Mr Green got on the train just before it left the station. He was lucky. His carriage was empty and so he settled down to sleep, happy that he's finished his work and that the next day was Saturday and he could go and see his favourite team play football.

Mr Green dozed off. Then he woke to find two men sitting in the seat opposite him. He was surprised as the train hadn't made any stops since leaving the station. The two men didn't seem to notice him.

They seemed to be talking about tomorrow's football match. But they were talking about it as though they'd already seen it. One of the men said that Liverpool won 2-1 and Jones scored the winner in the last minute. Mr Green was still sleepy and didn't take much notice. Perhaps they were talking about a game in the past.

Mr Green left his seat and went to the toilet. When he returned the men had gone. Also surprising as the train still hadn't made any stops. But Mr Green was too tired to care.

The train arrived at his station and he made the short walk to his house. He ate his dinner, had a shower and went to bed.

Next morning he got up feeling refreshed and looking forward to the big match. He ate breakfast, put on his red scarf and made his way to the station to catch a train to the football ground.

When he arrived he noticed a betting shop across the road from the stadium. He didn't usually bet but today for some reason he felt lucky. He went inside and bet 20 pounds on Liverpool to win 2-1 at ten to one.

Liverpool started the match really badly. Manchester United were playing much better and scored a goal just before half time. The second half was just as bad for Liverpool. Again and again Manchester United nearly scored. And then, ten minutes from the end, against the run of play, Liverpool scored.

After that Liverpool started playing well. Again and again they nearly scored until, one minute from the end Jones got the goal that made it 2-1 to Liverpool. Mr Green leapt out of his seat.

Soon after the referee blew his whistle. Mr Green couldn't wait to call in the betting shop and collect his 200 pounds winnings. He boarded the train home a very happy man.

Then on the journey he noticed something very strange. The two men opposite were the two men he'd seen the night before. And they were having exactly the same conversation.

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