Roger's holiday

Roger was very excited. It was the first day of his holiday. He awoke at 6am and packed his case. Mum and Dad got up a little later, they all had breakfast and off they went.

Dad drove for about two hours. Roger was glad when they arrived and Dad parked by the sea.

"I know the letter said we shouldn't arrive before 1pm", said Mum, "but shall we try the cottage anyway?"

They knocked at the door of the old cottage and a kindly looking old lady answered.

"Hello", she said, "you must be Roger and his Mum and Dad. I'm Rose"

They went inside. The cottage was beautifully furnished, though it did look a little old fashioned to Roger.

"Oh I do love period style", said Mum.

Rose showed them upstairs to their rooms. Roger was in room 4, and Mum and Dad were just across the hall in 5. Roger looked out of the window. Somehow the seafront looked a little different. Sure, the clocktower was still the same, but there were fewer cars and they all looked a little different to Dad's. The people were wearing funny clothes too, like he'd seen on tv. Perhaps it was some local tradition?

They put their cases in their rooms and were just making themselves at home when Rose knocked on the door.

"I'm just making some lunch", she said, "would you like some?"

"Oh yes", they all agreed. Dad asked for egg and chips, Mum for chop and chips and Roger for a cheese and cucumber sandwich.

A few minutes later they were sitting down to a most delicious lunch.

When they finished Mum suggested, "Shall we go for a walk?"

They looked for Rose to tell her they were going out and to get a door key, but she was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she'd popped out for some shopping.

They had a lovely walk by the sea. Roger and Mum ate ice cream and Dad called in the pub for a beer. Roger went on lots of rides and then they all sunbathed on the beach. Holidays were great.

Then it was time to return to the cottage.

They knocked at the door. This time it was opened by a younger lady of around 40. Dje ontroduced herself as Mrs Spears.

Mum explained how they'd arrived earlier and been greeted by Rose, but Mrs Spears was surprised and said she didn't know anything about the old lady. Confused they went upstairs to rooms 4 and 5. The cottage looked different. It was still very nice but the furniture was now modern.

Mrs Spears opened their rooms and there indeed were there cases.

Everyone looked puzzled, but then Mrs Spears remembered something.

"This guest house was started by my great grandmother about 70 years ago. I don't remember her, but I'm sure my mother said her name was Rose. She loved it here and she loved looking after the guests. No, it couldn't have been her..... Could it?"

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