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Susie and Sasha

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Once upon a time there was a dog called Sasha. Sasha lived with her owner in a place called Pinland.

Every day Sasha took care of her owner. She got up and cooked his breakfast, cleaned the house, washed his clothes, fixed lunch, went shopping and made dinner.

Every afternoon Sasha's owner took her to the big park for some exercise.

One afternoon as Sasha was walking round the big park she saw another dog in the distance. The other dog reminded her of someone, but she couldn't think who.

As she and the other dog got closer Sasha realised it was very like her best friend from dog school, Susie.

As they got closer still she became more and more convinced it was Susie.

Plucking up her courage Sasha called, "Susie!".

The other dog looked round and instantly recognised Sasha.

They rushed towards one another and hugged and kissed. It had been so many years.

"Sasha, how are you?" asked Susie.

Sasha said she was fine and enquired what Susie had been up to all this time.

"Well, when I left dog school I really wanted to travel." explained Susie. "I got on a big ship and went to a place called Vancouver in Canada. It was so beautiful I stayed. I got a job in a little park catching cats. It keeps me healthy and the wages weren't bad. I've been all over Canada; Calgary, Toronto, Quebec. And I've been to Europe and Asia too. I just came back to visit my parents for a couple of weeks. How about you Sasha?"

Sasha looked a little sad. Her life had been nowhere near as exciting. She got her job with her owner right after dog school and had stayed there ever since. It wasn't a bad job, and her life was comfortable. But there was so much more that she hadn't seen or done.

Susie listened carefully and smiled.

"We can soon fix that." she said. "Why don't you visit me in Vancouver?"

And that's exactly what Sasha did. Together they went to the top of mountains, and sailed between beautiful islands. They went on the sea bus and crossed the wobbly suspension bridge. They ate delicious food and drank pure spring water.

Sasha had a fantastic time. But as she prepared to return to Pinland she again looked a little sad.

"Don't be sad." said Susie. "Shall we go on holiday together every year?"

"I'd loved to." said Sasha with a big smile.

And so they did. They went to Paris and Australia, to Italy and Mexico, to Tokyo and Belgium.

That chance meeting in the park gave Sasha a sense of purpose in her life, and it gave Susie the chance again to share her feelings with her closest friend.

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