Roger and the picnic

One day Mummy took Roger for a picnic by the edge of the forest.

It was a beautiful Summer's day and Mummy and Roger ate sandwiches and cake and drank juice and lemonade.

After lunch they decided to play hide and seek in the woods.

"Don't go too far into the woods", warned Mummy, "there are lots of bears and wolves about."

At first Roger hid, and Mummy found him. Then Mummy hid and Roger found her.

Then Roger hid again. This time he didn't want Mummy to find him so easily so he went a little deeper into the woods.

Mummy looked and looked, but she couldn't find Roger. Mummy started to panic and she called "Roger, Roger."

Roger also started to panic and he tried to find Mummy. But there were lots of trees and Roger got lost and went deeper and deeper into the woods.

Now Roger was crying, but Mummy couldn't hear him because he was too far away.

Mummy was now very worried so she got into her car to drive to the police station for help.

Meanwhile a wolf on his way home from shopping heard Roger crying.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm", said the wolf as he found Roger, "this boy will make a fine supper for me and my family."

The wolf put Roger into his shopping basket.

Along the way the wolf met a bear.

"Good day Mr Wolf", said the bear, "what have you there?"

"It's a little boy I found behind a bush, he'll make a lovely supper for me and my family."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" asked the bear. "How would you feel if someone ate your little girl wolf for supper?"

The wolf thought for a moment and said "perhaps you're right, Mr Bear."

He took Roger out of the basket and went on his way.

By now Roger was screaming.

"Don't worry", said the bear, "I'll take you to the edge of the woods. You can find your Mummy there."

Roger climbed onto the bear's back and held onto his thick brown fur.

The bear carried Roger through the woods until they could see the daylight at the edge. They could hear the sound of an approaching police car.

The bear let Roger get down and showed him where to go to meet Mummy.

"Thank you, you saved me", said Roger, "won't you come and say hello to Mummy?"

"No thank you", said the bear, "I'm very shy."

And with that he hurried back into the depth of the woods.

In no time the police car pulled up and Roger and Mummy hugged each other.

"I was so worried", said Mummy, "thank God you didn't meet any wolves or bears."

"I did", said Roger, "the wolf was scary, but the bear was very nice."

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