The foolish captain

Captain Lions had been a sailor for many years. He'd sailed all around the world. But today he was feeling especially proud.

Captain Lions was in charge of Goliath, his company's brand new liner. Goliath was the biggest and fastest liner on the seas. And she'd been specially designed so she was unsinkable. Even if she hit an iceberg she couldn't sink.

Captain Lions was to captain Goliath from Napland to Rivaria, a journey he'd made many times before.

The world record for sailing from Napland to Rivaria was 2 days, 3 hours and 46 minutes.

Captain Lions was determined to beat the record. He checked the weather reports. They were good. The weather would be fine and the sea calm.

Captain Lions spoke to his first officer.

"I don't just want to beat the record", he said, "I want to set a new record that no one else will ever beat. That's why I'm going to take the devil's sea."

The first officer looked afraid.

"They don't call it the devil's sea for nothing", said the first officer. "So many ships have been lost there that people say the devil's sea is haunted." He continued. "Let's take the safe way round Eagle Point. We can still beat the record by a mile."

But the captain wouldn't listen. He had already made his mind up to sail the devil's sea.

The frightened first officer quit his job and left the ship.

Captain Lions sent for the second officer and told him his plans. He offered the first officer's job to the second officer.

The second officer was also afraid. But he wanted to be a first officer, and then, maybe one day, a captain. So he agreed.

"Don't be scared." Said the captain confidently. "Nothing can sink this ship."

Goliath set sail. In just 10 hours they caught sight of the islands which marked the start of the devil's sea.

The weather reports were right. It was beautiful weather and the sea was very calm.

But all of a sudden some dark clouds appeared as if from nowhere. The sun disappeared behind them and the wind started to blow harder and harder until it became a gale. Captain Lions just laughed.

The sea also grew rougher and Goliath began to rock from side to side. Captain lions laughed louder.

"Nothing can sink this ship." He boasted.

Just then a giant hand rose out of the sea. It grabbed Goliath and pulled her to the bottom of the sea.

After Goliath lost radio contact with her port and the other ships some rescue boats went to look for her.

But nothing more was ever seen of Goliath and her foolish captain.

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