Roger and the dragon

One day Roger got up and went downstairs to find Mum and Dad eating Breakfast.

"Roger" they said, "today we're going to London!"

Roger ate breakfast excitedly, Mum made a picnic lunch and together they walked to the station. As the train went along Mum pointed out cows, sheep, a horse and even some rabbits running in a field.

Soon they arrived in London.

"What shall we do first?" asked Dad.

"Let's go to the park for lunch." said Mum.

And so they crossed the street and found the park. They enjoyed Mum's sandwiches and drank juice and lemonade. Roger played chasing pigeons while Mum and Dad relaxed.

Then it was time to go shopping. Roger and Mum went to Regent Street and Oxford Street while Dad called in the pub to drink beer.

They met again at 5pm and decided to go to China town for tea. They went to their usual restaurant and had a delicious meal.

Then Mum said she wanted to buy something in the Chinese supermarket. Dad said he'd go with her. Roger sighed. He knew they alwats took ages in the Chinese supermarket.

Roger decided to wait outside while Mum and Dad fought their way around the crowded little shop. Then, he looked across the street and noticed an alley he'd never seen before. He decided to explore and took a walk along it. At the end he turned left and then right and founf himself in a deserted street of old houses which he'd never seen before.

He stopped to look around when all of a sudden he heard a sound.

"Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!" it said, "Who are you? Children are not allowed here."

Roger turned round to see a giant dragon emerging from one of the houses. He was breathing fire and looked very angry.

"Now I'm going to bite you." said the dragon, starting to run after Roger.

Roger ran as fast as he could to the end of the street. The dragon wasn't far behind. Roger ran and ran, and so did the dragon. He could feel the heat of the dragon's breath upon his back.

Eventually Roger ran into a road where he saw a policeman.

"Please help me." said Roger and told the policeman the dragon was chasing him.

Together they looked around, but there was no dragon.

The policeman directed Roger back to the Chinese supermarket. When he got there Mum and Dad were just coming out with tehir shopping.

"We hope you weren't too bored, Roger." they said.

"No," replied Roger, "not at all."

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