The Class Photo

Rabbit and Kitten were both very shy. They were the shyest students in the school.

Rabbit and Kitten sat together at the back of the classroom. They never raised their hands to answer Teacher's questions, even though they usually knew the answers.

One day Teacher announced that Mr Dogsbody the photogapher was coming to the school to take a class photograph. Everyone went out into the yard and arranged themselves into a group.

Rabbit and Kitten were both very shy, so they didn't want to have their picture taken.

Rabbit decided to stand right at the back of the group, behind Elephant. Elephant was so big and fat that Rabbit was completely hidden. Kitten decided to hide in the garbage can.

Just before Mr Dogsbody pressed the button to take the picture, teacher called the register to make sure everyone was in the group.

"Where's Kitten?" asked Teacher.

Everyone started looking for Kitten. They looked behind the bike sheds. They looked under the bushes. They looked in the locker room. They looked under the desks. But Kitten couldn't be found.

"Kitten, Kitten, Where are you?" cried everyone.

Then, finally, Crow looked in the garbage can and Kitten was found.

As a punishment Teacher made Kitten stand right at the front of the group, in the center. And Mr Dogsbody took the picture.

At hometime, when Mr Cat came to collect Kitten, Teacher told him all about what had happened.

Kitten thought his father might be angry. But he wasn't.

Instead he took Kitten gently by the paw and told him, "sometimes the best place to hide is in the middle of a crowd."

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