Roger and the Three Knocks

One weekend Roger and Mummy stayed with Uncle Jack while Daddy was decorating the house.

Roger felt happy. He loved Uncle Jack because Uncle Jack was always playing silly jokes.

While they were eating lunch Uncle Jack took a coin from his pocket and held it in his fist. When he opened his fist the coin was gone. The he coughed and it fell out of his mouth.

Afterwards they were in the garden when Uncle Jack told Roger he'd got a part-time job working in the park... as a dog. It was his job to chase all the cats away. Then Uncle Jack started crawling around the garden saying, "woof woof, woof woof."

Then Uncle Jack told Roger and Mummy their bedroom was haunted. They laughed.

"Every night at midnight the ghost gives three knocks on the door." Said Uncle Jack, winking at Roger.

Roger and Mummy laughed some more.

After dinner Uncle Jack told Roger and Mummy he was going to play cards with his friend Ron who lived in the countryside at Ripford.

"Don't wait up." Warned Uncle Jack, "When me and Ron get together we normally talk for hours.

Uncle Jack left and Roger and Mummy got ready for bed. It had been a busy day and they soon fell fast asleep.

They were woken by the sound of three knocks on the door. They both looked at the clock. It was midnight. They smiled at each other as they heard footsteps going down the hall to Uncle Jack's room.

Next morning when Roger and Mummy got up and went downstairs there was no sign of Uncle Jack.

Roger knocked on his bedroom door. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. So Roger opened the door. To his surprise Uncle Jack's bed hadn't been slept in.

Roger was just about to tell Mummy when the phone rang. Mummy answered it. It was Uncle Jack.

He told Mummy his car had broken down last night and so he had to spend the night at Ron's house. He hadn't phoned last night because he didn't want to disturb them.

Roger and Mummy looked at each other, but this time they weren't laughing.

Who had knocked three times on their door?

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